How was Casse-Croûte d’en Haut born ?

25 years ago, Eric Belhumeur and Chantal Whissell met in a casse-croûte in Namur and found love. This was the beginning of their adventure.

Eric became Chantal’s boss and, with time, they discovered that they had a dream in common; to become owners of their own restaurant. It was only a few short years until their dream was realized. In the year 2000, they purchased a small casse-croûte in St-Rémi-d’Amherst that they named Casse-Croûte d’en Face. Here, during the next 8 wonderful years, the recipes, the service quality and the family work ethic came to life.

Then 7 years at the heart of new trades brought them important life experience.

However, their dream was still calling …

So in 2015, they took over the Entracte snack bar at the municipal arena in Mont-Tremblant. They had found their home yet, despite this fact, they still carried the dream of food service. One where there are employees, a nice big dining room, a nice team and a quality of service that people talk about at every street corner.

Casse-Croûte d'en Haut - clients heureux
Casse-Croûte d'en Haut - autos de livraison

After a long search for the perfect location, in April 2016 Chantal and Eric finally realized their dream with the official opening of the Casse-Croûte d’en Haut.

From a modest start with many family members and only a few employees, within a few months the Casse-Croûte d’en Haut is blazingly popular! Chantal and Eric had their work cut out for them and new projects were born, which made it possible to employ the staff necessary.

Today, Casse-Croûte d’en Haut proudly boasts more than 20 employees. But they are not just employees, they are a part of the family!

The family of Casse-Croûte d’en Haut is aboard this great and wonderful adventure together. At their posts day and night, they ensure that all food is fresh, that the taste of good “home-made food” is honored, that the service is fast, that your meal is delivered hot and that your experience at Casse-Croûte d’en Haut remains etched positively in your memory.